What is "No Rest For The Wicked"?

"NO REST FOR THE WICKED" will be a at least a 30 minute Horror Western short filmed in Oklahoma. Set In the old west, two desperadoes Wylie and Callie set out to find a little something for an old friend in exchange for a place to lay low. They target a big landowner and his daughter in hopes they would have lots of cash lying around. What they find is gold and two land deeds. While planning their future, things quickly go wrong for them and in the end, justice at the hands of their own evil deeds.


The witty writing styles of Brenda-Marie Whitehead & Alex Whitmer made the screenplay rich with complex characters and inventive storytelling. Our DP & Director is Jason Smolesky out of Phoenix, AZ. Jason has a great vision & we can't wait to show you his magic! You can seen a touch of his excellent work in the pitch video that was shot in Oklahoma recently. BrenRock Productions LLC., owners Rock Whitehead, is the #NRFTW Casting Director, Producer and his wife Actress and Writer Brenda-Marie Whitehead are no strangers to the film industry.

  • BrenRock Productions LLC., has collected some incredibly talented people to support this project.  From our wonderful and experienced actors to our film crew, we're putting together the best talent to make this story come to life. We're also proud to have Rocky's brother and Tucson musician Mark Whitehead score one of the scenes. It's an original instrumental written especially for this film titled, "Deadly Strings".


  1. Our lead is native Oklahoman actor and singer DEVIN DERRICK who will play (Wylie) in the film. John Carter Cash is one of DEVIN DERRICKS producers & DEVIN will also be scoring music during the final credits in the film. 
  2. We also have the very talented Briana Looby, who will play (Callie) in the film. She is Wylie's outlaw girlfriend and partner in crime. Look out for this duo!
  3. See Jodi Lynn Thomas from Albuquerque, NM. You're going to really ejoy her performance as our heroine, "Morgan"!
  4. Actor Rich Porter from San Diego California. You are going to LOVE his performance as "Isaiah"!
  5. Great actor and one of Oklahoma's finest is Philip Paz as "Bart the Bartender" and he's also our Mystery Rider. Check out his resume!
  6. Great Oklahoma actor Ken McCall as "Charlie". Check out his resume!
  7. Local actress Elizabeth Dickerson as "Josephine". Check out her resume!
  8. Actors Johnny Shackleford as "The Blacksmith" & Ray Dickerson as "Billy".
  9. And last but certainly not least is John Scamehorn as Sheriff Delbert!



  • The period would not be complete without a Ranch and a Wild West Town. The film will be shot at various locationa including Buzzard Roost Ranch in Dustin, OK. This place is awesome and is also a Christmas Tree Farm! Also check out their NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION at Medicine Rock. It's a non-profit organization For Disabled Veterans and youth from under-served communities, dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals through a variety of outdoor programs such as hunting and fishing.

    We'll also be shooting at Sipokni West in southern Oklahoma. Johnny Shakleford has created an entire movie set western town complete with a saloon, blacksmith, hotels and many other buildings that perfectly reflect the look of a true western town in the 1880's. Oh, did I mention the steaks there are the best!!


We're cutting every corner we can, but in order to achieve the film's full integrity, this project still needs a very minimum of $6500 to produce. WE CAN'T DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR HELP! We have to pay everything from film insurance, locations, horses, cast, crew, flights & ground transportation, lodging, generators, grip truck, catering, wardrobe, make-up, wranglers, stunt coordinator & more. If we go over our goal, once production cost is covered, the cast will benefit which is well deserved.

The film will be shot in early April of 2014 in Oklahoma. We need your help to raise the additional funds needed to begin paying for everything to make this film happen. Your aid will help us create a true horror western film! Many of you know that we've been very passionate about this project for a long time & we'd all love to see this finally come to life. YOU will be playing a huge part in making this dream become a reality and help us achieve what wouldn't be otherwise. YOU are the key no matter how big are small you can contribute. We can't do this without your help. LOOK AT THE COOL PERKS IN THE RIGHT HAND COLUMN THAT YOU WILL BE GETTING FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS! ---->

So please, if you believe in us, or this project, PLEASE donate here - let's pass our goal!!! If you're not interested in any of the perks, you can still donate ANY amount you'd like. We also gladly accept mailed donations, checks, money orders, etc. Make payable to BrenRock Productions & mail it to P.O. Box 1434 Harrah, OK 73045-1434


  1. If you can't donate, we completely understand but remember, that doesn't mean you can't help in other ways! The best thing you can do is talk about us on Twitter and use hashtag #NRFTW, Like us on Facebook, talk about us online anywhere you can and link to our project. We'll re-tweet you & share what you post on Facebook! Helping build awareness and get the word out is just as valuable as any monetary donation.
  2. Please help us get the word out and make some noise about our campaign by using the share buttons on the top right-hand corner of this page!


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Thank you so much again for taking the time to review our project and for your generous donations! We hope you can see how excited we are to bring this story to life but of course, we can't do it without you. Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions you may have or give us your feedback! You can comment on this page, send us an email, tweet or even send a hand written letter. We'll do whatever we need to do in order to earn your trust and your donations.

BrenRock Productions

NO REST FOR THE WICKED - a western ghost story short film! | Fundmymovies NO REST FOR THE WICKED - a western ghost story short film! | Fundmymovies


    Any Amount is Fine!!

    Thank you!!.

  • $15
    Hang'em HIgh

    Your choice of either a DVD copy of our movie "No Rest For The Wicked", or a digital download of the movie.

  • $30
    Saddle Bags

    An autographed photo of the cast and a DVD Copy or Downloadable version of film.

  • $50

    A DVD/downloaded version plus a "Special Thanks" to (name of your choice) on the film credit, plus an autographed photo of the cast.

  • $75

    You will get signed "WANTED" posters of Wylie and Callie as is used in the film.

  • $150

    A DVD plus a "Special Thanks" to (name of your choice) on the film credit plus a Cast Signed Movie Poster of "No Rest For The Wicked".

  • $200
    Pale Rider

    You will get an associate producer credit in the ending film credits and a DVD.

  • $250

    You will get your Business logo, along with your business name and contact info, in the film ending credits, a DVD and linked up on our NRFTW website. We'll also give your business a shout out from us on all of our social media sites (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

  • $300
    Pony Express

    You will get a Producer credit in the ending film credits, a DVD, and a signed movie poster.

  • $400
    Executive Status

    You'll be named as an Executive Producer in Film ending credits.

  • $500

    You get invited on our closed set with cast, crew for 1 full film day and watch us in action! This includes getting cast autographs and photo op after wrap. Enjoy set food and Arbuckle Coffee with us! We may even use you as an extra if you look like you belong in an old west town and you look like you walked out of the 1880's! Adjusted set rules must be followed on movie set. Must be over 18. Transportation and hotel not included.

  • $750

    You are invited on our set with cast, crew for 1 full film day! This includes getting cast autographs and photo op after wrap. Enjoy set food and Coffee with us! We will use you as a FEATURED EXTRA and you will even have a SPEAKING PART with one of stars on film! Must be over 18. Transportation and hotel not included and Set rules must be followed.

  • $1,000
    Quentin Tarantino

    You'll be named as Executive Producer in the opening and closing Film Credits, plus a DVD, signed "WANTED" posters of Wylie and Cale and a cast signed movie poster.


NO REST FOR THE WICKED - a western horror short film!

Set in the old west, two desperadoes Wylie and Callie, set out to find a place to lay low. They target a landowner and his daughter hoping to find some loot. Things quickly go wrong. #NRFTW

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
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